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1999 T4 2.5TDI 88HP lwb van 1200.
Removed clutch pedal last night, after removing switch that operates against pedal c/w connector, removed the blue and black switches that operate against brake pedal c/w connectors, noticed brake lights were then staying on whilst working on van (ignition off) so disconnected brake light connector from the black switch.
Rebuilt all the above, replaced vacuum hoses on turbo etc under bonnet, van runs fine and all lights work as they should but glow plug light flashes.
Glow plug light will flash after turning on ignition (engine not started) after about 30 seconds, and stays on whilst driving.
So any ideas were to look, to cure the above?
What is the blue switch for on the brake pedal?
What is the black switch for on the clutch pedal?
I had a problem with the glow plug light flashing the other week, stripped brake light switch a re-fitted, sorted.
Could i have the same problem with either the black or blue switch on the clutch or brake pedal, not sure if these are working correctly as i don’t know what they do, yet?
Do i need to have the fault now logged in the ecu (i guess) cleared, or will it clear once fault is fixed?
I hear a lot about VAG COM is this something i can get myself, or is it a main dealer thing, as i don’t like getting ripped off by dealers full stop.
What price do such things cost if available, and are they any good?
I live on the I.o.M. so don’t know any local dealers who are good on T4s.
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