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Versa vans at Widnes.

They have ones that have come in off hire. But from when i used to look they`re all ex-panel van conversions as opposed to Caravelles. This is due to the initial purchase cost.

I thought under the Mobility scheme they`d only provide new vehicles, but i`ve not had out to do with it for some years.

You need the forms about which vehicles the Govt will provide. I`ve no idea if Californias are on there but if they are i bet theres a hefty deposit (£20k-ish), and don`t forget thats only for 3 or 5yrs, if you want to keep it you`ll have to buy it at trade value, or get another one for the same non-returnable deposit.

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The way i read it...


...it looks to me like it is just new cars.

Be careful, because to find £10K every 3 years takes some doing. Thats why we decided to leave the scheme and self-convert our own sourced van.

You can get used cars on the scheme, you`ve got to use the HP side of it.

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we were thinking of using the HP

dont like the idea of leasing then giving it back with nothing to show at the end

You can choose either New or Used cars on the Hire Purchase Scheme.

If you decide to purchase a used car it must be less than 3 years old, and have done less than 45,000 miles or be an ex-Motability car

The car must be less than 7 years old at the end of the new contract - i.e. a 3 year old car could only be purchased on a 4 year agreement.

All cars must be purchased from a Motability Accredited Dealer. Contact them directly for availability and prices.

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All cars must be purchased from a Motability Accredited Dealer.
Thats a good find.
Every single VW dealership will be accredited. That`ll open up the prospects.

This from VW Commercials web-site (using BD1 as a postcode)

Our Search match is a way of showing how closely each van matches your search criteria. 100% match
10% match

Search Match Price Distance

California SE 2.5 TDI PD 174PS 2009 10* Grey Volkswagen Van Centre (Lancashire) 36 miles £39,877 Non-VAT Qual
California SE 2.5 TDI PD 174PS 2009 1,000* Blue Taunton Van Centre 201 miles £38,480 VAT Qual
California SE 2.5 TDI PD 130PS 2009 1,000* Silver Murray Van Centre 258 miles £39,995 +VAT

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Re: Anybody bought a T5 caravelleOR even aCALIFORNIA on Motability


I am in roughly the same boat as you right now. I've had my T4 from new and after 15 years and 245,000 miles it's time to move on.

I have been looking at the Motability option as I drive from my electric wheelchair.

After speaking with various people and doing a bit of research I have decided not to go down that route as it just doesn't make financial sense as I require some fairly major adadptions to be carried out.

Your situation might be different...

From what I understand...

1.. You pay a down payment for the van. This can range from 8k - 17k depending on whether you want a window van or a caravelle.

2.. You pay £170..ish a month for the life of the scheme. 3 or 5 years. If you plan to buy the van I think they insist on the 5 year scheme.

3.. At the end of the 5 years, if you want to buy the van, they will give you a second hand value.. Please note - They don't take any of the payments you've made up until that point into consideration. That includes the down payment and the monthly payment! They won't give you an estimated 2nd value at the start of your scheme, you have to wait until the end of the 5 years to see how much you have to pay.

As a guesstimate, I would suggest a middle of the road T5 (basic shuttle) will end up costing you about £25,000..!

£10,000 - Down payment
£10,000 - Monthly fee (5 years)
£5,000 - Second hand value after 5 years. Might be a littl on the low side.

I'd rather spend £16,000 on a second hand shuttle SE.

Hope that helps



If you buy a small car like a fiesta or similar, the down payment is usually tiny if not zero..

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Re: Anybody bought a T5 caravelleOR even aCALIFORNIA on Motability

The Velles /shuttle maximum £9k advance down payment this month the next 1/4 is July so price may change .
The term is 3 years lease

we dont require any adaptions so just need to fit 2 adults 3 kids 1 wheel chair 1 Mob scooter 1 greyhound! in it.
from speaking to motabilty dealers the buy back price for a second hand motability velle is about £14-15k

The advantage i can see of leasing then buying is that you have had the vehicle from new its got a full vw history and in our case low miles.
new velle 174tdi se is list £30k

so if I'm right then its £9k down
£7.7k over 3 years
say £14.5k to buy it at the end of the lease.

SO ITS COSTING with the 3 years
Insurance and personal accident cover
Servicing and maintenance
Full breakdown assistance from RAC
Free replacement tyres fitted by Kwik-Fit
Window or windscreen replacement at no extra cost.
and road tax.

Not 100% on the service costs over 3 years but we'd be looking at over £1500 for the insurance over 3 years + £1040 for road tax :eek: over 3 years

so if this is correct its ( list price ! always up for a bit of negotiation even on motability)
NEW hp
£30k for the Velle
+ £1500 for the ins
+ £1040 for the tax
+ servicing cost
Total £32540+ the cost of service and maintenance for 3 years
new lease and then buy

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If you lease, don`t forget the insurance hassle to factor in at the end. ie You technically haven`t been insuring it yourself so some companies don`t accept any NCB built up, or in one case, from before the mobility scheme.

Just a small thing but its extra ringing round and embuggerance.

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Ive just come off the works insurance and insured my van myself.
the ins company said that if i was a named driver on the policy and could prove it for the 6 years then no probs ........................... but......the van was insured for any driver:(
even though i had 6 years of no claims i had no proof :* anyway a quick letter from my employee stating that i had no claims/ accidents over 6 years sorted it T: and the ins company was happy they of course checked it out on the database.

The cover for the motability is for 2 named drivers ( might be 3 ) so i would imagine that it should be slightly easier .

+ r lass ( who the vehicle is for ) had a claim last year anyway! LOL:

cheers JIM
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