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I'm looking to fit a double seat with inertia belts in the back of my t4.

The LDV and other minibus seats seem to be much cheaper and more available than VW ones, however I can't find any with quick release attachments on the fleabay or any examples on here. Being as I'm very cheap, this is the route I want to go down if possible;)

Has anyone fitted LDV (or similar) minibus seats to their van? Also, does anyone know if they are compatible with the unwin (or similar) quick release fittings that allow the seats to be put on tracking/rails fixed to the van floor?

I need to be able to slide the seats back and forward to work with my bed/dinnertime set-up.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

PS If anyone has a cheap double with inertia belts and quick release fitting please PM me
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