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The story so far...
My van cut out with no warning while parked. The RAC diagnosed it to be the dizzy. I had the hall sensor replaced but when the garage refitted the dizzy they said the starter motor was fried and the timing was out and the spark was arking out of the engine. They then refused to continue with the work.:eek: I had the van moved to another garage who have replaced the dizzy cap, rotor arm, plugs, checked timing, cam belt. The van is running better, no spark arking out, but its nowhere near good enough to drive. They are now investigating if its the ECU.
Any way a mate with a civic had probs today, got towed in by AA. They diagnosed the dizzy. He replaced it but then had probs with it sparking and running like e. He looked into it and found that the cam gear should have been timed BEFORE fitting the dizzy back on...
So my question is this be the same for a 2.5 petrol T4? Its been off the road for two months and I'm tearing my hair out.:*
I also saw a post regarding the fuses and relays, could it be that?
Any ideas greatly appreciated :ILU:
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