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Soon to fit RR wheels to my T30.
Load rating 925kg. :)
Size 19" :)
ET 57 :(

I bought RR vogue wheels! :p
Still, I like the wheels so I'm gonna pursue getting them on.

A 5mm spacer would put me back to ET52 overall, and reduce the chance of a rub on the inside at the back.

So the question is this, if I fit cheapo 5mm universal spacers, is there still enough of the the hub spigot sticking out to properly locate the wheel, and support the van?

I am thinking about having some machined up to give me a 5mm spacer with built-in spigot conversion from 65.1 to 76.2, but that is obviously the expensive option. Cheap 5mm plates plus regular spigot rings would feel better in the wallet, but I do wanna do this properly. ;)

Any thoughts?? Anyone experienced??

Secondary question, does the use of a 5mm spacer necessitate longer fixing bolts?

Ta, Thom.
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