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Hey all,

I have a LWB and I'm looking to start a new work venture which will see me use my van for work, but want to also keep the t4 for family and recreational use, camping surfing, mtbing, weekends out etc so looking for ideas and plenty of pics.

I'm going to fit my vag AA rear seats on the mushroom bolts, fit side windows (see my other thread :*) and fit a bulkhead behind the rear seats creating a useable work space accessed by the tailgate, and the everything after as family friendly as possible ie tele behind drivers head, two single cab seats and the double rear for kids. Insulate the whole van, sound proof and mega stretch carpet the whole front end.

Then the rear end make an area for work stuff during the week, and a great place to change out of wetsuits, body board storage etc without being too concerned about the water ingress. So water tight and easily mopped out without leaking into the front section or finding its way under the floor or around plastic threshold trim etc..

Also talked to my brother about this who would like to see a hardwood pull down wetsuit changing seat when we do the lads weekend away surfing trips lol

I will be fitting a roof rack as well for work related stuff but it will have a twist just to keep me happy and wont look out of place when parked near the beach T:

So come on, you guys tell me how to achieve this and I will provide the pictures in the not so distant future ohh and after I have earned the spending money I:

Here's a picture of said van being used last weekend for a trip to the beach with the family

Thanks Dave
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