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Hi guys,

How is the BiTurbo 180 tuning coming along?

I'm still unsure if I should go for a t5 2.5 tdi, t5.1 140 or 180.

Found a bunch of threads about the 180 remap, but as far as I understood the EGT is keeping it back.

Is there any new info about this?

I was quite sure to get the good old 2.5 tdi, but the interior, mfsw, auto lights/wipers etc. the t5.1 has so much more to give. Not to even mention the new cluster.

BUT, I love the low end power of the 174, take a turn in about 40km/h in 3th gear and it still does pull when you put your foot down. Slowly until 1700-1900 rpm then wosh (yes massive turbo lag). Usually in city driving I keep it under 2000 rpm and it is quite as a Nissan leaf and no stressing with gear change all the time. Basically it can sit at 40 km/h in 3th or accelerate up to 100+ km/h. Are the new 2 liters the same?

Looking forward to hear your input guys..
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