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Genuine Audi alloys from a 2008 TT as previously fitted to my VW Transporter T4 for sale. Wheels are 5x112 ET 47, tyres are Continental Sport Contact2, 205 wide 50 profile rated 94W. Two tyres have 4mm the other two have 6mm of tread left. These quality tyres offer excellent rim protection.

The wheels are in the same condition as when I bought them. That is with a sigle kerb mark that was touched in by the seller, and some hairline scratches in the lacquer from storage that are hard to spot. The Audi centre caps are not included in the sale, VW ones are cheap and easy to pick up on ebay.

Anyone wishing to inspect the wheels prior to purchase can find me at Bug Jam this weekend at Santa Pod, see bottom aerial photo with BP marked at the top. The wheels are a private sale and not connected with my business as a photographer.

I am looking for £400, but will accept a reasonable offer. :)

See you there.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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