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Well this is my Coupe, pics taken at Stanford Hall this year.
My car was on the Audi Owners Club stand.

It started life as a standard 1990 2.3E (10v) and i bought it as the 2nd owner in 2005.
Since then i've done various upgrades to it including -
tweaked the interior a little,
fitted 17" rims wearing toyo proxies tr-1 tyres,
replaced the suspension for full KW1's coilover kit,
stainless Scorpion exhaust and de-cat,
fitted a 2.3 20v engine (200bhp)
replaced the injectors for 034 motorsport injectors,
fitted G60 twin pot calipers and EBC green stuff pads
tidied up the bodywork including fitting a V6/S2 front bumper. :)

last on the list of things to do is fit a ported and flow tested head! then i'll crack on with my van!!! T:

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