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Hi folks.

I've narrowed it down to these three brands for my pop-top. Interested to hear more from this community please.

Austop: Great reputation and TUV tested. Unsure if it is possible to install roof rails. I'm a surfer, so this may be a deal breaker.

Skyline: Aurora seems cool although have read a few suggestions that there may be faults with the closing mechs leading to disaster - possibly user error? Am possibly keen on their standard model. Their stealthy one is slick though just slightly out of price range for me.

Storm seem new on the scene but are gathering notice and high praise from installers and camper owners.

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Can I also suggest Vamoose in Sheffield?

I was tempted with an Austops (I liked the idea of a black roof with yellow fabric) but they wouldn't fit unless my existing furniture and RIB bed were totally removed. Yeah right, whatever.... (n) No problem for Vamoose!!

Always positive reviews, been around for ages. Made in house. Do their own RAX roof rail system for your boards / kayaks etc.
Very, very strong insulated roof. Bomb proof marine fabric. Thermal inner liner available.
I love the neat external look with the inner gas lifts and marine grade st-steel hinges to rear so no trapping of fabric in those pesky scissor lifts.
No bellows bungee cord required here.
Also Includes LED ceiling light fitted.

I absolutely love the work they did on my van in March ( Colour matched Pop top, deluxe bed, new rear window, diesel heater, awning rail and more ). 2 days total.
Reasonably priced. Incredibly professional with immaculate premises. Simon, Sandra and team were amazing. :)

Any negatives?

If you sleep on your back it's a little tight for foot room due to rear hinge design.
(No brainer for me though for the extra rigidity and no worries about trapped / ripped fabric.)
Easily solved with an additional board I use to extend bed length once you are up there.
The standard bed BTW is 1050mm wide x 1900mm length, with the additional board it's over 7' length in old money...
Seen folks do this with quite a few roofs, Yorkshire Pop Top Adventures on Y.T has a (funny) video of making one for his roof bed

Front window and ventilation vent only so perhaps a bit hotter in warm weather.
Some like the additional windows, zips, meshes, panoramic options that other manufacturers supply.
I preferred it to be more weatherproof especially for UK camping. More openings, more leak points IMO but horses for courses...
I'm not toooo biased, my mate has a Hi-Lo roof...

I hope this is of use.

Here's some pics (note, 4th pic I have added a California storage net to the upper roof and 3D printed bobbins to the roof straps)

Sky Cloud Vehicle Car Tent

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Shade Wood Architecture Sky Beam
White Vehicle Car Light Window

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Hi could anyone help me out here? Im thinking of going for the skyline aurora? but i heard about the fault? but a fitter i have spoken to as said this as now been rectified? But made me also think about the storm roof now aswel? But i havent done my home work on this one yet?
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