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Hi all, recently purchased a really low mileage SWB 2.5 Auto panel van with 33K on it. Great price, not used for commercial activities, so in really nice condition.

I thought I had slip in 3rd gear, where the revs would rise, then settle again in gear and was really worried I had purchased a problem. I got VW to check for fault codes (nothing), so looked for a specialist which I found in Nottingham, link below,


I spoke to Ron a couple of times there, he gave me complete faith that he could identify and then fix any problem found, and was happy to spend a little time chatting. Long story short, he has 'educated' me that the slip is actually the torque converter working correctly, and demonstrated in a test drive in each gear how this works, and that its all good. He spent some time explaining to me how the torque converter works in this box, at a really appropriate level of detail (he could tell that I was interested). He also knew the model number of the box, and pretty much everything that you may or may not need to know.

Even better there was no charge for diagnosis (or lack of diagnosis), although I did give him something for the biscuit tin.

I cant speak highly enough of these skilled engineering professionals, and would not hesitate to recommend them to forum members.

Any even more, I'm now a very happy camper with my T5 !

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