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With a Vagcom it is possible to reset or change the shift patterns in the automatic gearbox range. And also reset the DSP (dynamic shift points), The dynamic shift point will monitor your driving pattern and adapt to your driving style.

First, make sure there are no fault codes in the Auto Trans. Then, with the key in the on position, and engine OFF. Do not touch the accelerator pedal.

[02 - Auto Trans]
[Basic Settings - 04][/B]
Set Group to "000"  
Press accelerator pedal all the way to the floor and count out loud 3 seconds.
[Done, Go Back]
Release the accelerator pedal.

It is normal for there to be no explicit instructions or changes on the screen when you do the above procedure. The transmission controller does not provide any feedback that it has been successfully performed.

[B]000?x: [/B]DSP Mode (Dynamic Shift Points)

[*]0 = DSP active
[*]1 = DSP inactive

[B]000x?: [/B]Transmission Mode

[*]0 = Factory Mode (Adaptive Transmission Mode)
[*]1 = Force Economy Mode (lower Shift Points)
[*]2 = Force Sport Mode (higher Shift Points)

[B]Common Settings:[/B]

[*]00000 = Factory Mode
[*]00011 = Econonmy/Touring Mode
[*]00012 = Sport Mode


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Very interesting A:

With my mapped 2.5TDi and auto, I find it changes "too late" for the maximum torque.
Often (like on German autobahns), I'll "pedal to the metal", but then back off a little to make the box change up.
Maybe selecting the "economy" mode would do the same thing?
Once the revs go over 4000, it seems to stop accelerating until it changes gear.
(Yes, I have red lined it many times in Germany!, I even "cruised" for some km on the red, at a displayed 180+km/h)
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