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Ah well, after a 6 week break from my last T4 and hours of searching for a replacement, I am happy to announce the arrival of my new `99 2.5 Tdi LWB.
Buzz lightyear worthy miles and runs as sweet as a nut.
twin side loading doors
3 QR seats in the back
Bog standard.
New gearbox, clutch and flywheel 10k ago
belts and pump done last year
discs and pads all round 6 months ago

and after 6 hours of cilit bang, upholstry cleaner, glass polish and trim removal and refit, it now looks almost presentable inside!:eek:
Clear indicators and wind deflectors on order
Ideas for a paintjob getting short listed!

Between my last T4 (2.4d LWB) and this one I had a brief affair with a Vito Dualiner 112 that went like fook but as my Mrs complained no end it `had no character, get another T4!:)`

So we have, and it feels good be be back in a van that all my camping gear and bikes fit in AND you can't beat the sound of a 5 pot motor.:D

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