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right this is what I currently have, If I can glean anymore then I will edit the post. please wait for the thread to load as there are a lot of images.

A few pics of my build so far, never done anything like this before but enjoying every minute...... so far
Have learnt a lot from you guys on the forum and also picked up a few pointers from the s.b.m.c.c.

Before it all started

Ready to grind welds down after bulkhead removal, took 3hrs to remove but came out eventually

insulation for under ply floor

ply floor going back down

Side insulation in on both sides of van, i used extra therm.... when i finally found some. I filled any gaps with expanding foam. The sliding door and the tailgate have also been done with a mix of 25 and 50mm extratherm


roof insulation sorced from wickes, one roll and managed to just get 2 layers in the roof

insulation complete

wiring for lights, 1 over R&R bed, 1 over kitchen and 1 fitted to tailgate, also wiring installed for drop down tv/dvd screen when i can afford it!

ply panels sealed with pva and ready for carpet

And just to finish off, i've been putting a drive in so i can get the van closer to the shed and my bits and bobs..... it wasn't planned, just turned out that way..... need to put a 4 in there somewhere

Will update when i get the carpet in.... thats if i don't bodge it up

Hi guys. thanks for the comments
I've come to a bit of a standstill at the moment though, was hoping to get my carpet from CMC last week but really want to line it with the non ribbed stuff and mike doesn't do that, also rainbow are out of stock with the anthracite Iwanted, I have managed to find a place over birmingham tho, a coach builders who have said they will order me some in and should have it some time next week.

shouldn't have a smiley face, my carpet hasn't come yet, but due to arrive next week so improved the insulation a little, put some more wiring in for lighting but no electrician so double checking on this as a type. Also borrowed someone elses idea for the 240v hookup, thanks to this forum and whoever the member was, sorry.... can't remember who I: and put the mount in for the drop down lcd when i can afford (used 18mm ply).
A few more pics....

improved the insulation a tad and sealed up all gaps.

what a great idea, I didn't fancy cutting holes in the side of the van

wiring for lighting and 18mm ply mount for lcd

Hope to start the carpeting next week and really want to get this part right, so any tips most wecome have heard about using a rubber mallet for moulding the carpet around curves and obviously using the best glue you can get, i'm going for smart tack from screwfix, supposed be good for temperatures up to 90 degrees.

Is it best to use spray on for the metalwork or brush on? i was thinking of using the spray and masking anything off i didnt want sticky. Have also heard about roughing the paint up a little.

I'm hoping and praying it goes on ok, next pics....... Carpet.....if i don't f*** it up

Times ticking by and still no carpet (long story) should be collecting it tomorrow though
Have had some time on my hands so have made a start on the entertainment side and managed to get the cable in for the split charge relay, nothing connected up yet but the main cable is now sitting nicely in the engine compartment
A few pics to bore you with....

Cable in through the floor, i used 20mm conduit from screwfix and used a 19mm holesaw to drill the hole... made for a nice tight fit and then sealed with silicone, will also seal the underside with underseal once the silicone has gone off.

I followed another conduit and cable tied mine to it, avoiding getting too close to the exhaust and passing it over the heat shield and over the fuel tank and into the engine bay..

wiring is also now finished, had to make a few mods, but hey..... i've never done anything like this before

Have also been getting on with the music side too.....

purchased 2 caravelle pockets and have got to say are well worth having them, look the part and also some extra storage to boot

just need the other speaker pod and i'm all ready to connect up, can't wait to disconnect the vw ones in the dash!

For anybody that wants to fit them it's not that difficult and well worth it..

Some instructions hopefully of some help.....

Fitting them is pretty straight forward, the drivers side caravelle pocket just needs a few more holes drilling in the door panel for fixing it, on the back of the door panel there are markings with a square round them, just drill these and you should then have 18 holes for fixing the pocket to the door panel.

The back of the passenger side door panel there are markings for drilling the fixing holes too, all the square marked ones and the others that line up with the pocket (don't drill the triangular marked ones)

In all, if you want to fit the caravelle pockets you will need:

2 caravelle door pockets
2 internal speaker pods
2 speaker grills
36 self tappers (12p each from VW)
6 large self tappers and clips to screw them into. (fixing speaker pods)

When fitting the pocket to the door panel, place the speaker pod inside the pocket where the hole is then screw the pocket to the door panel, you then refit the door panel to the door and screw the pod to the door using 3 large self tappers and fixing clips attached to door (i used the retaining clips that came with my speakers, square clips with a hole that you screw the self tappers into.

One more thing...... i had to cut the back of my speaker pods out using a hole saw because my speakers were a little too deep, they now fit perfectly.
Will update when the axminster goes in

I've got about 7 weeks to complete for the insurance, so taking my time at the moment, want the carpet to go right this weeked and hopefully it should be plain sailing thereafter, have fitted my own kitchen so hopefully not too many hicups there....... said he hopefully

A bank holiday weekends work, and i'm knackered!
Not quite finished, i've run out of adhesive and screwfix reckon they can't get any more till Thursday
I spent some time sanding down first to to allow the adhesive to bond to the paint better....

Then had to mask off the side window, had asked about this and was told not to mask the tinted film as it could possibly damage it, so i bought some card and masked right on the edge on the actual glass.

a bit more preperation.....

seat belts off to carpet door pillar...

and carpet finished on pillar with all the trim back on...

this was an easy bit, the window was to come

This part took a little stretching but was worth the effort.

The dreaded window, but i started the other side first to give me a little bit of experience before i got to the part i wasn't looking forward to.
A bit time consuming, but you can't rush it, i did have to piece a couple of small pieces but they aren't noticable..... overall, i was glad to get this part out the way

Then onto getting the panels done, the nice relaxing part

Overall...... i'm well pleased so far, never done it before and was a little apprehensive before I started (sh*****g myself to be honest)

10 mtrs of carpet is just going to be enough to complete it, i've used 6 cans of adhesive so far and think i may need another 3 or 4 to finish, but i would rather put too much on than try and save a few ££££££'s at this stage.

Will update again when i've finished, just the drivers side panel, tailgate panel and the roof to line now. I need to get the bed ordered now and sort some units for down the one side......5 weeks to go to please the insurance... i think it may be a bit tight

p.s. is there a limit to how many pics you are supposed to upload? hope i'm not breaking any rules


yep.... i'm well pleased so far, i've got to say i'm enjoying it at the moment, just hope i get it done in time. The insurance have given me 6 months to complete on a self build policy and have said that they normally don't come to inspect, but i would rather be finished on time just in case they do pop round.

JnJ, i'm not fitting seatbelts as i've got no intention of carrying any passengers and the R&R bed will only be used for recreational activities so to speak.
As for a fallback career, i might need a bit more experience as i'm a bit slow at the moment but maybe worth thinking about

chopper123, yep... i'm well pleased at the moment, i haven't forgotten about the garage in ditton priors you told me about, vans a bit better now but when i get time will have them check the injectors out for me, thanks.

Will update with just a couple of pics when i've finished carpeting.

cheers for the comments and hope the pics help a few more selfbuild beginners like myself.

DF and Rhosneigr Gaz

Cheers guys, Time and patience are probably the 2 main ingredients, like i've already said.... i've never attempted anything like this before and at the moment i'm well pleased that i haven't made any major cockups ...... yet

Have carpeted the other side now and started on the roof, also got the led lights in for the kitchen and 2 led's over the sliding door R&R bed has been ordered from bluebird customs and hope that doesn't take too long to come.

Will try and update tomorrow with pics if i've got time, but would like to try and get the roof finished if the weathers a little better than today, it's been a little cramped trying to glue carpet in the back of the van today....... B***** weather!

Am off to bed now, have been on my knees in the back of the van for about 10hrs today, considering how the weathers been i've managed to get a fair bit done though

Cheers again for your comments and will try to post some pics tomorrow, nite all

Hi all,

Haven't finished the roof yet, but thought i'd post some pics of what i've done so far

Have finished carpeting the other side now and have got the kitchen lights and hall lights in (sliding door side)

excuse the junk!.... and the make shift live wire to see if the lights work ok I:

The panel on the hatch has been carpeted now and just need to fit the light to finish, also above the door you will see where i'm going to put 3 more lights. The lights i got are LED'S from IKEA and are in packs of 4 for about £34 i think, they had sold out of the packs of 4 for £19.99

The head lining was a pig to put back up and still got a few probs putting the edging strips back on between the panels, will be trimming the carpet to the edge of the roof panel where at the moment its doubled over onto the other side, have found out you don't need to fold the carpet over onto the back of the panel as the strips that join the panels together overlap the panels anyway and will cover the edge..... you probably already know that though

I did make a myself a stick with a pad made out of carpet on the end to wedge the roof up while i put the fixings back in..... made life a little bit easier

Don't know if I’ve mentioned it.... but the beds been ordered, i just need to make my mind up what kitchen units to go for, I’m no carpenter so am cheating and buying carcasses and doors..... if I can find something not too expensive

If anybody else has used normal kitchen carcasses a few pointers would be much appreciated. Have had a look at ikea's range which are pretty cheap, but not sure if other makes of doors will fit their carcasses as they don't do a 1000mm unit as far as i can see..... which is what i was going to use for the cooker and sink.

I was also thinking of Wickes units but the ones I was going to have, they seem to have discontinued them as i think they have changed their kitchen range

Anyways.... I won't go on all night and bore you all to tears, will update with a pic or 2 when the carpets totally finished, then you might get a breather (me too!) while I wait for the bed to come....hopefully won't take too long


Thanks for the positive comments guys, and must say i'm as proud as punch at the moment J-Boy, have got a bit to do yet but very happy with how it's turning out at the moment, although i might need an extension on how long the insurance have given me to complete if i don't get a move on, but i'm not about to rush it at this point.

Have managed to get the front roof panel completed and all the lights working today, switches were £1.90 from maplins

A little pointer for anybody else who's carpeting for the first time: when you carpet the roof panels don't wrap the carpet over the other side of the panel where the plastic trim will fit, i've had to trim the carpet off at the edge of the panel because it is too thick to get the trim back on..... the trim covers the edge of the panels anyway so won't be seen.

“JnJ wrote:
Still looking good mate :)

I'm guessing the lights are just 12v? Have you been fitting them to the headlining then fitting that up, or are they secured to the 'ceiling' of the van?
Have you got the leisure battery/charging sorted? Also, what kinda of/size cables did you use, and how many circuits have you put in?
Look forward to the next update already. Keep it up.
Oh, and will you be a VanFest?”

The lights are 12v, you just need to drill a small hole to run the wire through, the actual light comes off it's holder and they are then fixed with 2 small screws supplied in the pack and then the LED unit refixes to the holder.

i haven't got the zig unit yet, i'm just trying to fit everything the insurance want fitted first and getting lights and other electrics in ready.
I've used 17.5 amp multi strand automotive wire and put one circuit for lights in, looping the live from the switches or where ever i could take a feed from a live wire i had put in for another light. The earth wire i have also looped and connected to a central point in the roof by the original light point.

hope this helps.

“willf wrote:
Baloo, with the carpeting did you measure a piece to do a side then cut the panel out to cover the panel seperately? Thus leaving a piece with a hole in to stick to the metalwork? Or did you do it in bits, strip by strip? Help!!! I'm all ready to go and can't decide where to go first!!!”

I thought hard about how to do it as well, sort of did my head in too

I started with 10mtrs of carpet which was about 2mtrs wide on the roll, i cut a length 3mtrs long and glued it to the top of the length of the van, taking into account the front door pillar where it has to wrap round the front by the door step, I then cut away any carpet that wasn't going to be attached to the metalwork. (leave yourself plenty though to do round the window) I did this for both sides, which left me with a piece of carpet just over 3mtrs in length to do the large panel on the drivers’ side.
All the offcuts I had I managed to carpet all the other panels and I won't have a lot left over by the time I’ve finished.... so 10mtrs is the bare minimum to be on the safe side

I also did the rear pillar surround at the rear door with one piece but allow yourself enough carpet widthwise for when you come to stretch it round the light housings!

Best of luck with yours and don't be too hasty with the stanley knife, check and double check before cutting, best to have a bit too much carpet than be an inch too short

I just wish I’d bought 2 stanley knives to save keep swapping the blades over, sometimes it's best with the hooked blade and sometimes with the normal blade..... and buy loads of blades, it's so much easier with a sharp blade

Oh well, one roof panel and the metal where the bulkhead used to be to carpet and then got to make my mind up who's kitchen units to buy and what sizes, i've tended to plan in stages as i've gone along and the units are doing my head in at the moment..... time to get the tape measure out i think and visit the likes of B&Q, Wickes or Ikea, i may just go for one level of units and not have a tall unit towards the rear of the van, i've not got long to make my mind up

Thanks again for everybodys comments, sort of keeps me going

If anybody would like to tell me what units they used and what sizes that would be a great help at this time cheers

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Re: Baloos conversion thread from the old forum

Carpeting finished

I roughed the headlining up with a wire brush, took most the paint off actually, i want the carpet to stay up

making sure it still all fits ok

and all in with lights fitted, to test the lights i wired up to the live on the glovebox light

note the missing plastic fastener, i managed to lose one, can you buy just 1 from vw or is it a pack?

I haven't fitted the original interior lights, the back one though i couldn't make my mind up wether to or not, so that might change.

I think i'm going for Ikea's FAKTUM kitchen units, don't know wether to go for the base units D 60cm, H 86cm and cut them down or the wall units D 37cm, H 70cm. Wall units are the right height but i would need to space them away from the side of the van as the smev cooker/sink are 37cm deep too.

Any hints and tips welcome

Think i've made my mind up now (if everything will fit and doors will open, wish i had the bed here)

At the moment then... i'm going for 2x 50cm wall units under the window behind the drivers seat, then a 40cm and 30cm unit and at the back of the van will use 2x 60cm x 57cm high x 37cm deep ikea fan cabinets on top of each other and raised slightly to bring the bottom fan unit up to 70cm (same height as the other units) giving me a tall unit 127cm in height. The top unit i can use for normal storage and the bottom i will cut a hole in the side to make it accessible from the rear for hopefully the leisure battery etc.

I will also take a look and see if you can buy just drawers from ikea and modify a drawer to fit inside the 40cm unit, cutting off the bottom of the original door on the wall unit and lowering it to make room for a drawer.

I'd thought about useing the proper ply from rainbow but my carpentry skills aren't too good, so normal kitchen units will make life easier, hadn't heard about the damp problem and understand chipboard swells up if wet, but hopefully get some ventilation in the van and i don't see it being a major problem. I had worried about how much weight though would be on one side of the van

The LED lights i put in were from ikea too, I’d noticed you had put 2 in your tailgate when doing some searching on here I didn't think they would be bright enough at first, but it was starting to get dark last night when i tried them again and they do seem to put out a fair bit of light

Hope i'm all finished for the summer holiday and can get away in it and see if it all works have wanted to do this for ages and enjoying every minute

I'm just off out now with the tape measure to do some studying in the back of the van

sorry if i've gone on a bit here..... again

I'm still waiting for my bluebird R&R bed, only been a week though, so probably a bit impatient
Would be good to see some pics cheers there's only so much you can do with imaginary wall units (i've got them marked out with masking tape at the moment) in an empty van.

update on what units I’ve just decided to use........

i think now I’m going for 3x 50cm wall units, then for the rear with the tall unit I’m going to buy a 30cm base unit and turn it sideways with the door facing the hatch, i will have a 7cm gap at the carpet side but i'm sure i can think of something to put there. I'm then going to put a 60cm x 35cm fan unit on top which will give me cupboard space above and a finished height of 121cm. I may go for a 60cm x 70cm high wall unit tho and put a 60cm x 57cm high fan unit which would give me the extra height (127cm), but i wouldn't be able to have the door facing the rear and would have to cut a hole to access it from the hatchback.

something like this....... said he hopefully unless anyone has spotted any major flaws with my design

hope this might be of help to anyone else about to put their units in

Stridey - “on my rear bottom cupboard I hinged it on the 'inside' edge rather than the vanside edge. To clear the notch on the base of the van door I cut a 45 degree angle accross the the door, from hinge side upwards. This alows the door to open fully. I didnt put the cupboard flush with the rear of the van so that I could still use the tailgate area for sitting on.
One last thing, I keep on wishing id wired in an on/off switch for the lighting at the rearof the van,as when your tucked up in bed thats where your arm is....
one of those 'Ill do later jobs'....”

Cheers for that STRIDEY, I’m sure it will be a bit trial and error when I come to fitting them and things will have to be modified a bit, I’ve also left a gap at the rear, and thought of trying to make up some sort of slide out seat to sit on if I put the R&R in it's intended place, but will have to wait till I get the bed and see how things look.

I did think about the switch you mention and have put one just at arms length for when I’m about to nod off

The tape looks "great" dun it.... cheap as well just kidding

Thanks, it's looking better than i thought I was capable of to be honest, can't wait to get the units and bed in now and then tinker with it for a few years

thanks for your help

I've sort of made my mind up to use the wall units not being the best chippy in the world

One thing i have been thinking about though is the carpeted ply under the window, which has been spaced away from the side of the van so it is level the length of the inside, the wheel arch metal work being further away from the side of the van, so a wooden batten had been screwed to the floor below the window to bring the panel further forward and make it level.
It's obviously difficult to measure from the top of the panel that is below the window, but from the bottom, if i measure 37cm (depth of a wall unit) it leaves just 45" which is the width of the R&R bed, this means i would have a gap at the top of the wall unit at window level because the ply actually slopes backwards, which i would need to brace, but this should give me enough depth at the top to fit the smev units which are 37cm...... hopefully I'm not sure wether to remove the ply panel below the window now, but i'm not too keen on using the base units because of the amount of cutting down (depth and height)

If i just fit the base units as is, with the ply still on then even cut down to 50cm depth, this would be too deep and not allow me enough room for the R&R bed i would have to remove the ply to get that sort of depth with the base unit

If i use the 37cm wall units is it ok to leave the ply on? i think i might just get away with it have others fitted the 37cm wall units with the ply still in??? questions...questions... questions wish i had the bed here which would help
I'll take a look at google sketchup funcle, but haven't really got that much time available now and will need to start getting it kitted out soon, but will defiantly take a look at it cheers. Your plans look pretty neat though

Nothing in life is ever simple is it..... Must keep smiling

Hi all, Bed arrived yesterday spent all evening after work trying to figure out how to put the R&R part together..... the instructions ARE total PANTS (as has been mentioned before on here) but not too difficult to figure out and bluebird did to their credit number the parts and holes which was a big help

I am still waiting for the boards to come, they are to follow, but really glad it's turned up, especially with a week off work next week

a mock up for now to get a few measurements

Think I may be busy over the next few days, but will post updates when I’m getting somewhere or fancy a breather.

Boards arrived yesterday, have been busy and just had time to get on here

have managed to get the carpet for the floor in the rear and vinyl for up front, also been to ikea today and come back with the carcasses but the doors have got to be delivered. Have spent 4hrs up ikea sorting kitchen they need more staff thats for sure..... hope i don't need to take anything back

Flooring, kitchen and bed to fit this coming week...... think i'm going to be a bit busy for a while…

Hi all
We've been moved to an excellent new section (i think it's a new section anyway) hadn't noticed it before, but a damn good idea to have this section on conversions

Anyways.... having calmed down after thinking all my posts (and everybody elses) had been deleted I did manage to get something done over the bank holiday weekend.....rain.....rain....rain and more Bleeding rain.

Carpet and vinyl are now in, this is one job i hate. one cut in the wrong place and it's pull your hair out time, so this took me nearly all day yesterday to complete.

I visited 8 or 9 carpet and vinyl places friday looking for the vinyl i really wanted and did in the end have to compromise and go for what i did eventually find, but am pleased with how it's turned out

notice yesterdays dinner and refreshments....... must try and find time to have some proper meals (don't think I want to see another box of ritz biscuits) :-&

Carpet was from Carpetright and cost £23 i did over estimate though as i was unsure where i was going to join the vinyl and carpet, but it's excellent thick carpet with a thick rubber backing. Vinyl i got from a local carpet shop and managed to get the price down to £20 for an offcut and again I’m the owner of a decent size offcut after i had finished.

Today’s tasks:

off to VW to pick up the plastic trim for the rear tailgate and the plastic sliding doorstep cover, then to screwfix for some cheaper spray adhesive to finish a few bits off. Then make a start on fitting the carcasses and making sure the bed fits etc.

I'm in the same position as sol now and looking for a 28mm worktop not sure whether to go for black at the moment or a light wood, as the doors are the dark grey ones (sorbo) from ikea.

.Has anybody got an idea who sells a decent choice of 28mm worktops?

Will post a pic update when I’m a step further, but post your pics too, it's interesting to see how others are doing with their builds..

Will post some pics of progress so far, can see me coming to a bit of a standstill shortly if the doors don't come soon, can always get the bed sorted, but didn't want to get it all bolted down till i'd got the doors on.

Lots of other small jobs to do though, have got to get the side step fitted properly as well, so may get on with that tomorrow.

One thing that did cross my mind today was with fitting the units...... i haven't put a plinth in and am now slightly worried that the doors won't clear the floor when opened had noticed that Eric didn't seem to have a plinth under his units, so presume they will be ok, bit late now, so if it does cause me a prob will get the bottoms of the doors trimmed down or take it all out and fit a plinth, but don't really want to raise them any higher as the worktop will be just the right height as is.


Carcasses in today, loads of measuring and checking and more measuring and rechecking before going at it with the jigsaw.... I have a tendency to chop the wrong bit off at times.

the units are spaced away from the van side and at the moment there is a gap, the plan is to fit a base cabinet end panel in grey and butt it up to the carpet, it will also be hinged as a door (ends of carcasses cut out) so i can use the base unit at the back for battery and whatever else might go in there..... hopefully

Have fitted a batton under the window to fix the units and worktop to and screwed the bases through the ply floor and into the van floor.... time to get the underseal out again.

also got the tailgate trim fitted which finishes the back end off nearly, just looking for some plastic trim to edge the edge of the ply floor with

and the doorstep will be on its way in tomorrow when i've made a spacer for underneath it, it's raised at the moment because of the insulation and ply floor. There was a black or grey one available at VW and I plumbed for the grey one, but did have to modify it a bit where it meets the door rubbers, so unsure if the black one may be a straight fit

Good day today and the weather wasn't too bad either just had to dodge a few showers.... hoping for a dry one tomorrow

Time for bed...... said Zebedee nite all

Hi JnJ, i haven't bolted them down but have used large self tappers and gone straight through the floor with them, i may add bolts later though. They have also been scewed to the batton with brackets and when the worktop goes on this will be fixed to the batton and also screwed to the top of the worktops.
The only part i am a little concerned about is the taller unit which i have got to find some way of fixing better to the side and fixing to the metalwork of the side of the van, it is also well screwed to the side of the other units and also through the floor.

I think fixing to the side of the van is as important as through the floor, if i were in a bump (hopefully not) the weakest point would be the units themselves and the base of the units may well stay fixed but the upper part of the units i think would collapse forward, so fixing to the sides of the van is, in my opinion as important as bolting to the floor, even cornering would put stress on them if they weren't fixed to the side.

Todays mission was to get the plastic door step cover on..... in between the showers.....

The spacer i made out of 18mm ply which turned out to be a about 2m too thick so i had to trim back the plastic on the underside to lower it to fit flush with the vinyl

I also purchased the inserts for the clips on the step to locate into and drilled holes for these in the ply spacer which i fixed with gripfill (a stronger glue would have been better as they did pull out of the wood when I removed the step to check it, they do act as locating pins though and have kept the step in position whilst the extra gripfill I added went off.

If i did it this way again then i would use better glue and the pins alone would keep the cover in place, as they lock in once the step is fixed.

The spacer now fitted

and painted

and the job complete (in between the showers) the white blob is a spare clip oh and it was ritz biscuits again for dinner today.... definitely the last box!

As I said before i am unsure if the black step from VW would have been a straight fit, as i did have to trim off a few parts on the step where it fits round the door rubber, but I did prefer the grey one.

the only other bits I’ve managed to do today is fit the switch for the tailgate light, the light is still to be fitted, and strengthened the units with some more brackets to the sides..... weather sort of slowed progress today

Received a letter today from ikea to say the doors should be here next week I’ve still to find a 28mm black worktop (if one exists) wickes don't do one so i'm still on the lookout I’m up ikea tomorrow to sort the grey end panel for the rear end and opposite side of the tall unit and will also take a look at their worktops again.

Not sure when the next update will be as I’m now waiting for the doors to arrive, plus finding a worktop, ordering the end panels and also need to order the cooker and sink......looks like next weekend will be a busy one be nice to have a break anyway.
forgot to say JnJ, the bed is definitely being bolted down through the floor where i can and undersealed after.

Glad i haven't lowered the van yet as I’ve spent quite a bit of time under it.

Yesterdays and todays tasks.....

(in short, cos i'm knackered and sort of need my bed)

1 I added some more brakets to units (found some metal of the van to screw to)
2 fitted the light to the tailgate, i didn't put an earth wire in originally and when it came to earthing it, nowhere on the tailgate would give me an earth, and i had no chance of following the live cable i put in as all the carpet is now finished so i found the earth to the rear wiper and connected into that
3 Got my worktop from ikea (38mm) £19.99 which i thought was a bargain and fitted that for now, will need to come out again when the cooker and sink come.
4 R&R bed is now bolted and screwed in (only managed to be able to put 1 bolt in with a steel plate under the floor, will be getting some chunkier wood screws though.
5 seat board is fitted and the kick board i carpeted today and fitted the speakers

Haven't had chance to take any pics, will try and take just a couple tomorrow...... the doors arrive this week (wednesday) so will post a few pics when i've fitted them as well, hopefully i won't have pulled too much hair out but it is finally starting to look like a camper/ or could i even say "motorhome"

soz if my fingers have got carried away here... i do tend to blabber on sometimes

Back tomorrow with a small pic update nite all.

Hi didn't get time to post a few pics yesterday soz

here's a few now, not too much to show as I’m waiting for the doors and end panels to come, should be tomorrow

worktop is now in short term till the cooker and sink arrive which i've just ordered from rainbow conversions and is due next Monday. you may have noticed the carpet has sagged a little on the window, this is something I’m still getting round to, it was where i had to mask the window and no glue got to a few parts of the carpet...... one of the little jobs i haven't got round to yet.

seat board is on, but ran out of time sunday so will be fixing the other boards this week hopefully

kickboard carpeted and speakers fitted behind carpet, i stapled as well as glued the carpet.

and the speakers.... well one of them at least. I also drilled a few more holes to fix the front of the R&R bed as there are only 2 pre-drilled holes for fixing to the floor.

wish the cooker and sink were arriving sooner as i was hoping to get those fitted this weekend, but probably my fault as I’ve only just ordered them and they were out of stock of the cooker anyway till friday

Before i go, does anyone know if it is ok to pipe the waste water straight out the bottom of the van? I read somewhere that this had been done but not sure if it is the done thing to do if not, I’ll have a waste water container in one of the cupboards for now.

as for changing things...... i already want to add some more lighting as the led's from ikea are a bit bright for chilling out on a night, but the panels will come out so not a great problem and will add something a bit more subtle later

doors came wednesday and have got 3 fitted with handles, one door was damaged so it's another trip up ikea and I need to adjust the taller carcass as the floor doesn't now look to be perfectly flat and its pushing up the one side of the carcass a little which is throwing the door out of line, will just unscrew the carcass and add a small spacer under the one side...... but it's starting to look something like with the doors that i have put on I am still working out what to do with the door next to the bed so i can make use of the cupboard there but will come up with something so it's not wasted space, i keep making slight mods with the kitchen, but have a little time on my hands while i'm waiting for the end panels and cooker etc to come.

It's got to be completed by the 23rd so should just make the deadline hopefully
have put 3 doors on now and relaxing a bit now i know i can open and close them...... it looks the dogs if you don't mind me saying.... well happy

Best of luck with finding the elusive worktop, i eventually gave up and went for the ikea one, I’m sort of glad i did now as it looks good with their doors and has a flat finish to the front edge... and at £19.99 wasn't too expensive

Your not on your own with the bed, mines the same too at the moment, am going to adjust mine so it rests on the front frame better when in the bed position, once the piece of angled sheet metal is fitted to the rear section it should be a lot better....... instruction are good though aren't they I wasn't sure as to whether I had to fit the extra part as the instructions showed it being fitted to a t25 I think but have since seen pics of it fitted in a t4 setup.

Sol you will have to post some pics when you're finished... be good to see

Hi, i'm leaving the large board as the seat base...... one of us has got to be right I’ve a small gap between the rear fixed unit and the smaller board when it is in the bed position but don't see this being a problem once the foams on. I've also sorted the play in the bed when in the bed position by fixing 2 small 5mm metal plates to the top of the front kickboard frame and these can't be seen when it's in the seat position...... i messed, fiddled, adjusted again and again to get the play out of the bed but gave up in the end and fitted these 2 metal plates to take up the play and it's as solid as a rock now will post a few pics tomorrow.

Have also sorted the catches for the 3 doors i have fitted at the moment, got these from B&Q and are the same as Eric (black van man) has used, also finished fixing the bed to the floor using some good wood screws and the one and only bolt i could get through the floor.

Tomorrow measuring up the foam and have got to glue the memory foam to the other foam i have got, ready to be cut to size.

Cooker and sink are arriving monday, grey end panels coming Wednesday and I’m waiting for a date for the other 2 doors from ikea.

Took the one door back because it was damaged (60cmx92cm), had a refund and am now purchasing 2 doors to replace this one, when i checked the sizes of the units again i noticed that the 2 fan cabinet doors (60x35cm and 60x57cm) will fit perfectly and save me cutting the one door i did have in half to make use of the end cabinet. Basically my end tall unit consists of 1x 60cmx92cm carcass, 1x 60cmx35cm carcass and the doors are all fan cabinet doors, 2x 60cmx35cm and 1x 60cmx57cm giving me a height of 127cm

Not sure wether to post a few pics of the doors i've got on at the moment or wait till they are all on, but with waiting for the replacement doors to come this might not be till the end of the following week

I'm now mulling over what colour material to use for the seat/bed, had thought originally of using inca but now i can see what it's looking like, will probably go for a dark grey material of some kind

Think I’ll post a few pics tomorrow to let you see how it's coming on.

Well happy at the moment just wish I had all the other bits and pieces to finish off this weekend

A quick pic update

Have got 3 doors on now as i think you know and well happy with how it's starting to look..... Seems a long time since i was putting the insulation in now..... nice to finally see the furniture going in the 3rd door along is just sitting there at the moment not fixed.... before you tell me it's lower than the others

the white side to the taller unit is having a grey end panel put on to finish it off, hopefully coming Wednesday

the rear end panel is also having a grey end panel

the handles were £1 each from MFI clearance store

and the only door i have on the taller unit at the moment, another one the same size will be below that one with a slightly bigger door at the bottom to finish it off....

the catches i used were from B&Q and tested the van last night and no doors came flying open

have had a few technichal problems witht the R&R bed being a bit wobbly and after hours of unbolting adjusting and rebolting decided to fit some spacers to take up the slack and it's now spot on

Today have spent most my time measuring up the foam and now think i have it right, have worked it so it will be a little too long when the bed is down but this will bring the foam up to the end of the hatch or just over the pull handles (save bruised ankles in the morning)

Foam thickness in total has worked out to 5 and a half inches thick with the memory glued on top, so should be comfy

Bagged up and ready to be cut tomorrow

Looks like summers turned up hope it stays like this for next weekend so i can get the end panels, cooker and sink in.

Hi all, foams back home and now cut to size, trying to talk my mom into sewing me some covers up now

Grey end panel has arrived undamaged today from ikea and the cooker and sink arrived Tuesday, a day late but arrived safe

Am hoping for nice weather the weekend so i can get on with installing the cooker and sink, I’ve got a fair bit of carcass to jigsaw out as well as the worktop, so hopefully it will lighten up the kitchen a bit...... just hope i cut the right size holes

Hope everybody out there is having as much fun as me, but above all, your builds are going well too..... I’ll let you know about mine when I’ve chopped my worktop up

A quick pic update

Saturday was a bit wet but managed to dodge most the showers and got on with cutting the worktop out for the sink and cooker......

ready to mark out to be cut

marked out around sink and cooker and then drew a line 6mm in from that

sink now cut out, but did make a big BOO BOO, the rear clamps on the sink don't sit flush with the outside and are inset

made some spacers from the offcut and screwed and glued them to the BOO BOO

This is the one i didn't make a cockup of! Learnt my lesson

cooker and sink now in, clamped and sealed with silicone

Next was to cut the carcasses out which was a damn messy job with sawdust going everywhere

Carcasses now cut out, had to add extra brackets as there wasn't too much left after i had finished..... note the sawdust, it hoovered off the carpet very easily though to my surprise

And finally..... after much swearing.... cooker and sink now fitted with worktop screwed to carcasses and wooden batton on side of van, just need to plumb everything in now

Have also managed to cut and fix both end panels, not a job i was looking forward to so made some templates from the hardboard back panels that i didn't use on the carcasses.... my carpentry skills are coming on leaps and bounds since starting this
So endeth another weekend in the van, other than getting stuck friday in a flood and having to be towed out by a landrover, the weekend did improve somewhat and i'm now getting a little closer to my first jaunt away

Will let you know next week how i get on with plumbing the gas in...... if i don't blow myself up that is

I’m hoping the rest should be pretty straight forward, should be getting the gas connected this weekend and sink waste, really need to sort a zig unit so i can get the electrics sorted... lights, water pump etc, might need to see the bank manager i think.

I'm also a bit concerned about the split charge relay, got the basics in my head of how to do it, but an electrical place down the road from me have said something about the alternator changing on later models of the transporter or something and the split charge having to be wired a different way, so need to look into that.

Would be good to see a few pics of yours now you've finished.... Can't wait to get away in mine for the first time, i still need to sort a bit of a misfire that I’ve had for some time before a jaunt up the motorway though, have had to put that on the backburner for now while i was getting the inside sorted, but hopefully sort that soon.

Patience was a bit thin on the ground the weekend when i got all the tools out and then found that I’d been given the wrong size copper pipe, but so far the tablets are working fine....... at the moment
The table I am going to fit is the one with the single pole with the insert in the floor.

Will add more pics when i get other stuff done (zig, curtains, table etc) but the build has slowed a little as i am trying to get a misfire sorted that I’ve had for some time now, but will update as and when i get these other bits done.

“Did you have anyprobs when you fitted the LEDs in the roof, with fitting it in standard headlining boards”

Hi, The LED's I had from IKEA are just 0.5W each and just screw to the surface of the lining with 2 small screws supplied; you just need a small hole to push the wiring through to the other side.

I didn't think they were going to be bright enough when i first tried them when it was still light, but when it's dark the van lights up like something out of "close encounters of the third kind" I'm now looking to add some more lighting at some point for chilling out on a night, the standard interior light that i left in the back will do for now though.

“I left my interior lights in but put blue LED bulbs in them. Perfect for mood lighting.”
Is that a straight forward job putting led bulbs in? i haven't really looked at them, i just bought some 12v ones from IKEA already wired, just needed to chop the wiring and connect up, but am looking at different options, they do some at halfords which i haven't got round to looking at yet.

While I’m here...... I've been taking it steady for a while now that everything is done to satisfy the insurance and been concentrating on getting my misfire sorted, van's booked in for next week I've had the curtain rails arrive from J.K's, think some nice P.O. worker had sat on them but managed to bend them back into shape.

Have done a few bits and bobs, the shelf that is above where the leisure battery will go I have put a small door knob on and will hinge it at the back, it's a bit of a pain at the moment to remove, I’ve also wired the LED lights up to the live on the interior light for now until i get my ZIG sorted....... probably after the holiday depending on how much the misfire costs me hopefully 0.5W each shouldn't kill the battery.

I won't let this thread just die and disappear into the depths, but will add to it as and when i get round to doing other stuff to the van, i have a list a mile long........

ZIG and finish off electrics


seat covers

more lighting


bit more plumbing

shower on the hatch


tinted rear lights


wheels would be nice tooooo

Oh...... and a better job to pay for all this

Hope to get out and use it in the holiday if i get the misfire sorted it's not quite finished..... but so everybody keeps telling me.... it's never finished, it just becomes an ongoing project that you keep tinkering with beats mowing the lawn anyway

To be continued............


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Thats awesome mate, The carpet detailing is fantastic!
What are your thoughts on the side step cover, like you I've built my floor up with insulation and flooring. I was worried that the step cover might look a bit odd packed up to suit but I've never seen one fitted.

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Lol been trying to look at this on the old forum over the last few weeks...

I 1st came across this when I started researching the T4 when I was thinking of getting one a few months back. It was this thread that made my desicion to get a T4 and got me all giddy about the endless possibilites!! A:

Nice one itsaminibus for taking the time to dig this out and repost T:

Not forgetting ol Baloo of course rock on my good man :ILU:

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Great stuff for getting this lot on the new forum. Shame if the rest is lost to cyberspace forever...

This thread on the old forum really gave me the bug to actually get off my **** and get a t4.

Am half way through the carpeting this week so lots of work to do still....

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Hi all, Cheers for your comments, I will be adding to the thread once my engine probs are sorted. If any one is interested I have now put together a Self build camper van guide which I have put in the classifieds section, loads more info and will hopefully benefit people just starting out on their builds. There is a discount for T4 forum members and free P&P.

Thanks again for your comments and best of luck with your builds if you are just starting your conversion.

Cheers for now :cheers


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thanks baloo...you are a legend! have been sat with paper and pen making a list of things to buy.
my wife would like to know how many hours you spent doing the conversion?!!!!
great work.A:

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Bit late replying sorry, Legend? there old things aren't they? thats me then :( feel old anyway.

The conversion i had to look back at the thread for dates, I basically took my time, had to wait for the carpet to come and other small holdups but have worked it out to about 2 month. I could have done it quicker without the holdups, but was in no hurry anyway having not done anything like this before. Glad its come in handy, i'm sure it won't take you as long as me.

I have now put together a build guide in the classified section (traders) if anyones interested, now down to £4.99 for T4 Forum members if not paying through ebay. Details in the classified section on the T4 forum. Its on Ebay if anyone wants to check out my feedback.

Again, i hope to add to my build on here once VW sort my van.

Best of luck with your conversion Surfscoota :)


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Mate, how did you get the carpet contours right, especially around the windows?

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Hi Winchweight.

Patience (lots of) no not really, i stuck mine a little at a time, stretching and moulding the carpet as i went. I also used the handle of a wooden dust pan brush which was rounded off at the end to help stretch the carpet into corners before glueing and fixing the carpet. Any piece of wood, old broom stale cut down and rounded off at the end would be helpful once you have started glueing the carpet into place.

A little at a time and don't rush it is possibly my best advice. With contact adhesive obviously it sticks on contact, so once you start fixing it does stay in place if stretched and moulded first to the contour of the panel you are carpeting.

Hope this helps.


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Just paid my subscription to look a this as I'm about to start carpeting my van and it 's not even alive any more!:eek:

Oh well, at least I can read about tuning my engine now!

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