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Trying to get my head around the sizes/options/choices, any advice appreciated...

I am fitting 45mm Eibach springs and Sachs shocks this week, I have 16" standard steels (which I like the look of). I am looking for improved ride/handling and also a bit more of a 'stocky' look.

I am considering banded steels - so first question is, am I right in thinking bandeds will give me: wider wheels and tyres (and therefore a more solid ride/look) and wheels that sit better in line with the arch?

Second question, considering my funds won't stretch to banded at the mo - would fitting spacers to my current wheels give a similar look, in terms of bringing them out towards the arches a bit more? Would this also affect the ride, making it sit more solid? Are there issues with doing this, and/or is it even possible? Or would it just look weird with standard/thin wheels and tyres?

The first pics here from Mr Woodcraft are exactly what I'm talking about - I think he's achieved that by having 7.5j rated wheels (i.e. greater offset)?

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