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Battery on my T4 went flat a few weeks ago. When I charged it up the radio came on. It had not been on when I left the van.
It was ok for a few weeks but reset button on radio kept coming on and I had to put code back in.
Wednesday evening it was flat again. I put it on charge for evening but took off overnight. Thursday morning it started but I did not use during the day. Thursday evening it was flat again.
I put it on charge over night and Friday it started ok. Radio came on again without me turning it on but van was fine and I drove it during day and bought a new battery which I fitted Friday evening as I needed van at 6am Saturday morning. Van was fine Saturday.
Sunday morning new battery totally dead.
I have disconnected radio for now. I don't know if the radio is the cause or the efffect of having a flat battery. I can not see anything else that is on, no courtesy lights or glove box lights. Fridge is off, leisure battery not being used.

Do I need to see an audio specialist to have the radio tested or do I need to see a garage to see if they can find something else draining battery? It is not alternator problem if it is going flat without being used.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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