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Hi guys,

I am after a bit of advice, been trawling through this forum for hours :)

I have an ex AA T4 which I am told has the larger brake callipers and I am looking to fit some BBS LM alloys
but unsure on what ET to get or whether to go for 8j or 9j??

Van is to have airbags removed and be lowered 60mm and reduced spacers fitted so 70mm altogether.

I am looking at some 18" BBS LM's at the moment that are 8j and ET40….will these fit OK all round?
Will I need spacers, is it best to stagger with 8j front and 9j rears?

I have seen recomended 8j ET35 on the front and 9j ET45 on the rear but worried my callipers will rub
and also don't want the sliding door to hit the tyre.

Sorry but a bit new to this and its a minefield haha

Thanks for any help
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