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I wonder if anyone has had a similar issue with their BCM Module.

I have recently bought a T32 van on a 62 plate.

I got the van home and had a clicking noise all the way back. The van has had a few modifications done to it.

New T6 front upgrade

Rear T6 lights fitted.

Steering Wheel changed to a fancy one with all the cruise control switches and radio switches.

I have traced the clicking sound to the BCM Unit, number ( 7H0937087H )

I have also found that the rear lights are not working and the brake lights are not working.

Everything else on the van works fine ( except all the controls on the steering wheel do not seem to function at all )

Being able to use the cruise and radio controls is not an issue. However not having any rear lights is, and the constant clicking from this BCM unit is driving me mad. It clicks 24/7 ignition on or off. Engine running and engine switched off. Sound a bit like an indicator but isn't anything to do with the indicators.

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