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A lot of people with better camera's then me were taking pictures while I was handing these out, PLEASE post pics up if you have them so we can see who's who T:

Best T4 – 01 D 23 706

Best T5 – T5 RVM

Best Working project – M755 VHG

Best Regional Section – Gusto and the Surrey Branch

Best Regional Location shot – Forever young and the Cheddar Gorge Meet

Most outstanding member of the Forum – T4 Chippy

Furthest Travelled – DJEspie (Quatar)

Furthest Driven – DSM (498 Miles)

Youngest Member – Roxy (7Weeks)

Best Fancy Dress – Gary Smith

Best T4 Ted Outfit – KitVan

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I'd be interested to see a pic of the shock and surprise on my face LOL:
I have a mental image of it. It was very clearly going to be yours so I was watching your reaction. I will draw a picture if you like!!?

As i said on the day, very well deserved mate T:
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