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I'm relatively new to T5 ownership, a build thread is on the cards soon! T:

Basically, the van has been cleaned, soundproofed, insulated and carpeted and I'm starting to plan out the interior.

I'm after a bed that maximises storage space and is ideally 3/4 width (it's a SWB van so I want side-units for storage).

The bed doesn't need to be crash tested as I am not planning on carrying passengers on it anytime soon and if the day arises that I need the extra 2 seats then I will get a suitable bed.

Right now I need something that provides seating space for evenings, sleeping space for night, but allows max storage as we tend to go away with quite a bit of gear!

Currently I'm looking at a Volskwares Rock and Roll Platform bed as this appears to offer a lot of storage options, what with the fixed rear section. Has anyone got a pic of this fitted to a T5?

What has everyone else gone for?
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