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Need to get some opinion on the multivan/caravelle seat vs a fixed crash tested rock and roll bed

Rib or caravelle seat? Fixed or flexible seating?

I'm planning on basing the conversion off a multivan seat with the extension board, the main question I have is does is feel like a proper bed or bumpy car seat. We will be using a mattress topper.


Some background.

The Vehicle I’m going to base the conversion off is a LWB 130ps / 140ps T5 VAN.
Possibly a new Van with swivel front seats factory installed also considering a second-hand van

Reason for the Van Conversion
· The van will be used primarily as a second car and will be in daily use and needs to seat max 5 (Legally)
· The other purpose of the vehicle will be a day van not a camper when we use it for camping we intend to use a Khyam style tent/awning for the living area and where the kids sleep.
· Essential that the van has a comfy full width bed (For us parents)
· Looking to create a social / eating area using the five fitted seats (Swivel Seats up front)
· Overnights mountain biking / cycling with space to secure the bike in the van.

Other Features / notes
· We won’t be cooking in the van or intend too
· Allow for a fridge to be installed at a later date (Or be a removable feature)
· Sufficient space behind seats for the massive amount of stuff we take camping.

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Hi mate

I havent slept on a RnR bed, but have fitted a T5 leather Caravelle seat in my T4 and use a mattress topper and sleep better on that than in my own bed! I even bought a new mattress for home to try and achieve the same good nights sleep!!!!

The Caravelle seat is fitted to rails so slides lovely and then I have a wooden home made 'parcel shelf' come storage area which then acts as the top end of the bed. It creates a 6ft full width bed which when used as a daily it has 3 x 3 point belts that are independant to the van so the seat can be used in any position up or down the van.

Would have thought if you could get a caravelle seat and rails the fit would be easier than in my T4 into your T5 due to having the dimples etc in the floor. Speak to T4life on here, he buys and fits the very same.

I can sort some pics if you like, let me know.

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