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Hi all,

Looking for some advice about my 'P' Reg T4... Basically a few months back I had to have a fuel leak fixed and to do this the garage took off the whole front to get to the throtle body seal. Since I got the van back there has been a very loud beeping noise coming from the dashboard. Its not constant and I can't really pinpoint what makes it start - its usually when I'm driving slower because on motorways it has been fine and doesn't make a sound. I spoke to the garage to ask their advice and they said to fix the fuel leak they had to remove the radiator pipe so all they could suggest was to check my water!

When I turn the ignition on all the lights work on the dash so I can only assume if there was a problem somewhere in the van then the light would tell me where? I've checked all the levels in the van and they were all fine and the van has been running ok in general.
Sometimes the beeping is so constant at lower speeds I have to turn the engine off once I come to a stop then start it again for a moment or two of peace but eventually when driving it will start beeping again.

Anyone experianced a similar problem? Or can tell me how to rip out whats making this sound!!!!!!! lol

Cheers T:
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