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OK so i've had an on off relationship with my diy skills but after much swearing this is where i am. It's all lined and insulated, leisure battery with VSR fitted. Ikea lights in roof and tailgate, and 4x12v sockets in two in the front and two in the back under under the wheel arch box (which was carefully crafted by my fair hands).

flooring and lining from megavanmats. Pretty easy to work with.

You can see the Ikea LEDs in the tail and a shelf with stereo and speakers which run off the leisure battery. Obviously shelf not finished yet.

LED switches. To be fair a bit bright in teh dead of the night but at least you can see without waking the missus.

The bed platform with fold up leg bit, built the box to store camping kit and to sit under the flap when it is up. Just long enough for me but hen i'm a short . Also means i can store stuff out of sight, can get a road bike under there and maybe a hardtail mtb.

Had to add a "roll out" section to fill the gap to stop me pillow falling down. Pretty easy although the "recessed" holders ain't very.

On our way to the first weekend away in the van.

And finally why it took longer than expected.

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