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When my van is all up and running i intend to use it mainly for mountain biking, and as we all know in the UK in winter this is very mucky business, so i definitely need something to clean me and the bike off.

This is what i've found,

12vDC water pump sprayer on Ali express

the same ting can be bought on ebay for £17 without all the attachments,

12vdc sprayer on ebay

It has a flow of about 4L per min claimed (can you trust the chinese?) and a decent pressure too, heres the clever bit, it detects when the pistol grip valve is open and turns itself on then turns off again once closed, perfect for spraying down a muddy bike / person/ dog or washing salt from your wet suit. add a couple of kettles to the water supply and you have a nice hot shower, perfect!

(im probably raving on and you guys have known about these for years, could it be the one used for the shower in spannermonkeys build? ......

Cheers Yamhon, Didnt make this meet but give us a shout if you going to another, Im also a biker BTW,

Getting the van prepped for another holiday in France and Ive been meaning to fit a freshwater shower head to the back of the van for ages so I can wash off the salt water from me and my gear, one days fettling later and hey presto here it is, it shoots water about 10 feet too. The shower head is pushbutton operated so you dont waste much water, Its actually meant to be a Shattaf ( arab cleaner ) but its compactness makes it ideal for the van.

Hi paul,
The shower hose and head isactually a Shattaf, which is really meant to be for cleaning your - very popular in the middle east islamic countries, I got it from Ebay for a tenner, the white cover is a piece of roofing soffit board cut to shape with a bit of edged vohringer ply to finish the top and bottom, the chrome elbow came from Screwfix and the rest is standard household copper plumbing with an isolation tap fitted, it is connected to the rest of the system with a Y piece and flexible blue hose. The pump I used is a Shurflo pressure demand pump so its starts as soon as it senses a pressure drop- I used a 10 litre /minute one rated at 16 psi which seems just about right for the job, the whole thing cost about £25 all in and looks like it was made for the job, it came in very handy on holiday this year.
Maybe i just answered my own question?

Anyway heres a link to the chinese video of it in action,
Chinese youtube of sprayer in action, after the adverts of course.
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