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Hi guys,
For those who may of read, i have recently fiited a 1.9TD from a passat with a few little extras. Unfortunatley 2weeks ago it started to lose power, and since not started. I think there was a fuel problem, and after speaking on here i was close to solving it as since it has ran briefley. Unfortunatley, in all the stop/starting the bolts snapped on the o/s engine mount and the starter has packed in. This unfortunaley is the last straw and im after a quick sale as it has no road tax on it now or Mot (declared sorn).
This, for someone who has the time and a little cash input would be a great van, but i cant justify spending anymore on her as im moving house. I wreckon ive spent around £4k in total.

Spec includes:
1.9TD engine
GTD Pump
GTD injectors
Garret T2 turbo (from GTD)
Pug 207 GTI Intercooler
boost gauge (was running at 12psi as starting point as intercooler wasnt fitted at time

Van, Respayed in Honda Electron blue pearl
badgeless and badged grille.
clear indicators
smoked rear lights
curvy bumpers F+R
RS4 alloys, only covered 2k
lowered -85mm
Ikea R+R bed
DVD CD Player in dash
Sony X-splod 1200w sub with amp
upgraded kenwood front speakers wit 6x9s in rear
Insulated and trimmed in rear
Xantia Front seats fitted
matt black dash and door cards
laminate floor

Im sure thers more but i cant think off the top of my head.

Sensible offers invited please.
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