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Removed from my T5 after upgrading ICE to one with built in Bluetooth.

Comes in original box (bit tatty), and has the full ISO lead, so should just plug in most modern cars.

Sales blurb......

"The Bluetooth Parrot CK3100 and its Handsfree Console is an upgraded version of the older Parrot CK3000 but now offers the facility to provide drivers with visual information and functions that they routinely use from their personal phone. The display on the Parrot CK3100 will show the phonebook and call ID information when a call is received"

* Superior user interface with LCD display
* Comfort and safety while driving
* Works with all Bluetooth phones
* Can be installed in any vehicle
* Automatically mutes the radio
* Uses the car speakers
* Audio volume control
* Quality audio (Digital Signal Processing)
* Up to fives devices can use the system
* No cradle
* No wire, no headset
* No headset battery to charge
* Voice recognition dialer

The CK3100 package contains:

* 1 CK3100 electronic control unit
* 1 microphone with cable
* 1 radio mute cable with line output (ISO cable)
* 1 power supply cable
* 1 display with buttons and cable
* 1 user guide

PM me if interested - before it goes on ebay

Price £ 50
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