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Hi all
New to the forum and with possibly the daftest question?
Here goes.......just fitted a nice new shiny head unit into my T5 and at the same time a bluetooth reversing camera system. Rear of the vehicle no issues; wired into reverse lights, works a treat. Front end; Rather than try and break into the reversing switch wiring I have direct wired the reciever unit and set the head unit to manual which means if I want to see the reverse image I have to manually select camera off the screen. No biggy to be honest and keeps the loom chopping to a minimum.
I had a thought though....what if you could wire a bluetooth switch that turned on from the back via the reverse circuit that then activated a switch that turned on the bluetooth reciever plugged into the head unit? Would this not give you the same effect as wiring into the reverse switch circuit at the dash area?
Has anyone done this and how or is it a stupid idea?
Look forward to comments if you are not all belly laughing!!
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