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Im sure it will be a good concert. Newquay has changed though, i used to go to the festival every year and it was full of laid back surfers, now its full of city boy idiots who know nothing about catching waves and just drop in with no etiquette.
Watergate (sea) was empty even though the surf was good, mawgan porth was closed out on mon and tues. The atmosphere is completely different to a few years ago, now its all commercial and ridiculously high prices.
We spent a few hours dodging the beached whales while I taught my step-son to surf and body board and have headed up to nicer pastures (keeping them a secret this time though as I raved about newquay as many others did a while back and look what has happened).
The traffic is not too bad if you work out the back routes there - dont queue in town, go through past the zoo and sports centre to traverse the town.
Most places we used to park are now double yellows and most car parks you wont get in if you have anything on your roof.
It was Newquay that first got me drooling over pimped vans but this year I only saw one or two t4's and a couple of older ones. I know a lot of the original crowd dont go anymore due to the crowds and idiots.

I did notice that what was once a wooden stage in a field is now more like glastonbury at the top of watergate and would have loved to go to the music festival but alas with a family in tow its not so easy.
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