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Hello there,

My '94 T4 Westfalia California Coach needs some work done on the rusty bodywork. I'd planned to do this myself but other plans have got in the way and I'm looking to hire someone, or a repair workshop, to do the work. If I can't find someone to take it on, I'd still be keen to have a go myself if I could find a place to take the van apart. Being in the city means space is at a premium.

Can you recommend someone in the Glasgow area to take this sort of restoration on? The wheel arches, outer sills, and windscreen surrounds need sorted out - I guess these are all the usual places, according to what I've seen here, and on YouTube. I approached one company, who'd been recommended by my mechanic but they've got a 12 month waiting list...

So, in summary, I need some rust repairs done, and I'm looking for either:

1. Someone I could hire to do the work
2. A space to take apart the van and do it myself

Many thanks

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