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Hi all, have made my first post, thought I'd check in here as well.

This forum is a treasure chest of information!

Came here initially because got fed up with it's sorry state and most of all lack of power - acceleration is hopeless, and have gotten worse recently, every overtaking is a dangerous affair which takes a lightyear. Top speed is ~ 70mph.
Was told in the garage the fuel pump might be at fault, or the turbo, and will be looked at in that order.

I travel to UK every now and then (have lived in Guildford and London before), recently brought home the headlight upgrade loom - makes a massive difference!
Next DIY in line - EGR delete, engine bay scrub and soundproofing the cabin floor.

Aiming to get it to a decent stock condition and make it more enjoyable to drive.
Scrap yards in Latvia are littered with T4s, parts are cheap, will shop around for bits missing in mine, and see if I can get electric windows and heated mirrors.

I see some people here have bought/enquired about reconditioned turbos from a company NERINGS here in Riga - I know a guy who works there, AFAIK they do a decent job, prices are cheaper simply because the cost of labour is less than UK.

Cheers :ILU:

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