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ok chaps and chapettes...have here for sale my homemade digital cut Borbet A enter caps :)

they come in 3mm perspex, 160mm wide with a reinforced washer round the screw hole to the rear so they dont snap ;)..however remember they are perspex so if ya torque em up to 160Nm yer guna have issues Rasp:

they come with 4 nice new SS 20mm shiny bolts too

they will come to you ready to paint like this

or personalised/forum user name maybe Rasp: ( up to 10 characters) like this

you have 2 options when painting...if you just paint straight on without a primer they will look like this, with the wording coming out in a slightly lighter shade (well it did for silver, cant comment for black/any other colours)

or if you prime them first they will come out like this (please note this was one of the first and the letters will be slightly larger similar to the original caps, which is on the left)

and this is what they look like on some A's :D

ok pricing...

for a set of four delivered by recorded delivery to your door with the bolts, ready to paint will be

-with "Borbet" on or any other word up to 10 letters £45 (say 10...but remember its only 160mm wide so the more letters there are, the harder it will be to read)
-plain flat cap is £35

i will be selling these else where for £55 and £40 respectively...so hopefully saving you some beer money and still making me some pennies for some beers too:ILU:

i will be getting 10 of the Borbet sets made up in the next week so will probably do weekly orders and trips to the PO (cos time is precious and the queues :eek:) ie order one week, i will post the following tuesday and you will get the next day T:

payment can either be by paypal (gift preferred)/cheque and am afraid nothing can be dispatched until payment recieved in full :)

regarding bespoke caps they may take a little longer depending on what the request is and till i get into a pattern, please bare with me :ILU:

over to you chaps :ILU:



hope that covers everything

i am well chuffed with them and unless you have the real one next to it, it is very hard to tell them apart

***please note*** only issue i have had to date is that on some wheels (i have 12 of them at the mo I:) is on 2 of them the caps didnt sit as flush as on others... but this was the same for the original borbet too....:* and assuming it is to do with the wheel and rather modify a cap which could easily get muddled up, all i did was take back the edge, where the caps sit, on those 2 wheels and everything was tickety boo

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