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I bought a 2002 2.5 auto - 240k on the clock and major auto gearbox rebuild 10k ago. There was a slight commencement of rust bubbles felt by touch on wheel arches which have now been professionally attended to. it has now had full service, but i suspect the mechanic did not put a new seal on sump plug… A small hole in bend of exhaust cat going to mid section led to getting the van up on a lift to see underneath - a dry sump is now wet and the handbrake cable is frayed. A stainless exhaust bend made by specialist has sorted out the hole. There has been a intermittent knock from offside wheel bearing - now in garage awaiting replacement together with new hand brake cable.

The following pics are of underneath of van - an ex Sky tv shuttle for a reporter and associated team by all accounts - most of its mileage done in the first few years. fitted with security glass (except sliding door glass which is standard vw smoked due to door replacement), factory security as well as Sigma security system. I’ve added a tracker just in case…

QUESTION: what’s the best way to ensure the underneath of this van doesn’t go to rot and ruin? It stands me in around 6 1/2 thou at the mo… I’d like my investment to see me well into retirement and not be lowered in value or height and not be remapped and remain it’s standard self with just a leisure battery and a couple of unobtrusive additions.

I look forward to your advice 👍

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Hi welcome to the forum (only been here a short time myself and it seems a friendly and useful place).

Someone in my local garage suggested cavity wax?

Looks like something is already coating the underside, but I'm sure I'll be corrected.

Nice looking van, I'm all for people keeping them standard but also like to see them modified, there's room for all tastes!
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