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I know this has been covered countless times in other threads, I have trawled through them but have not really found what I wanted to know.

Since I picked up my van a couple of weeks back (a 2001 800 Special Panel Van), the brake pad warning light has been on. I initially though it might be as simple as the pads needing replacing but they looked ok. While checking the pads though I found the front left sensor wire was broken. There was a little bit of joined up wire coming out of the plug near the calliper where it looks like somebody had attempted something before. The wires coming from the loom look as if they were just cut and not reconnected.

I've read threads suggesting that connecting the wires together would complete the circuit and solve the problem, however, this does not work and I was wondering if it would as the wiring diagram (page 8) includes the sensor in the circuit and I'm thinking this is necessary.

I have also tried to bypass using VAGCOM with my mechanic but he couldn't access the instrument panel as mentioned in other threads (17 - Instruments -> function 07), and when he checked with his expert he was told that the dash on mine could not be controlled by VAGCOM as it dates back to 1995.

So, my question is can it simply be the fact that I need a new plug for the calliper or can anyone suggest something else?:confused:
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