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Posted here as opposed to ICE as its to go with a leisure battery, this is one of Jay's units from Xtreme Van that is Brand new and unopened as it wasnt required in the end. It basically allows the radio to run from the leisure battery when the ignition off so you dont drain your main battery.

They retail at £20 (+ postage) so looking for £15 Collected or £18 posted.

From his site:

Radio Changeover Unit

Autosparks have developed a clever little unit, which diverts the supply power from the vehicle battery to the leisure battery when the ignition is off.

This allows extended use of the Audio equipment whilst parked up on long weekends and festivals without the risk of draining the vehicle battery. Once the vehicle ignition is switched back on, the Audio reverts to taking its power from the vehicle battery.

Easy DIY installation, comes complete with simple to follow fitting instructions.

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