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AAB 2.4L Engine - approx 153k miles. Been off the road about 2 and a half years, but prior to this it was in perfect running order and well maintained by my partner's brother who's a full-time mechanic by trade.
A few months before coming off the road it had a new timing belt, water pump and head gasket fitted.
Located in Dundee. Buyer strips out and takes away.

Other bits available off the top of my head include:

Most other engine parts
Steering wheel
Indicator/wiper stalks
Running Gear
Original fog lights (working)
3 sections/panel grill
'A' pillar trims
Winder handles
Various vents, buttons etc. out of the dashboard
Full original cab mat
Double bench seat + seat belt (inca fabric)
Barn doors
Barn door window security grills
Witter tow bar
Westfalia tow bar (yes, I have 2 tow bars)
Gearstick gator
Drivers & Passenger doors (good condition)
Sun visors
Tailgate ladder
Rear 3 section bumper

+ loads of other bits I've missed. Just ask, I might have it!? Can send pics upon request.

The van being broken (LWB) has always been a camper from new, not a trades van, so most parts are still in pretty good condition with the odd exception. The hightop has gone along with all internal camping related stuff, i.e., hob, fridge, propex etc. There may be the odd part that's being used on my new project.

Also available: LWB (LHD) rolling shell. Ask for more details.

Open to offers on everything - PM me.



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Are you selling the dash? i need the middle section only where the radio goes. Mine is 1992 t4 1.9 the middle section is rare as mine does not have the air vents at the top like most. Thanks

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