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Following on from the "Southwest Mega Meet" suggestion here's my half

Right then, been on the phone today to organise prices and dates etc and this site and these dates seems the best option. (just after Vanfest)

The site: Widemouth Fields Caravan Park
This site can accommodate up to 150 vans for us so given the amount of interest this shouldn't be a problem.

A few excerpts from the site:

Our Amenity Buildings offer modern free showers and toilets as well as dishwash and 'veg' prep areas pus family bathrooms for private use (small extra charge), baby change, and modern laundry and elsan disposal areas.

Our Reception incorporates a convenience store and 'Breakfast' cafe area as well as Calor Gas refills and a full range of tourist information. For the youngsters we have a large play area with adjacent field space for games/football etc. We welcome pets and benefit from owning land all around the park where there are fields available for exercise.

We offer a bus to take you to the bay beaches and Bude.

Please see here for pics.

The Dates: Fri 17th, Sat 18th and Sunday 19th of September

The Prices per night: Couple plus van on a hardstanding with lecky £15 without lecky £13
Children are an extra £2.50 per night

I will update this page with any additional information as it comes in.

UPDATE: Just been reading the site T&C and the site entry is by swipe card only and there is a £10 deposit on the arrival date which is refunded before you leave. (Also says no commercial vans lol)

UPDATE!!! The show and shine will be as follows:
(as decided by me n lumoux)
In house judging
1) best daily drive
2) best budget build
3) best DIY modification (as in the best mod they have done their selves like made there own R&R bed or volvo turbo conversion I: )
4) best stand out modification
5) best stance or best wheels

We will then have a final trophy for what were going to call "THE PUBLIC'S CHOICE" where members of the public vote for their favourite bus.

VENUE UPDATE The campsite we are staying at has bought another site down the road aswell called "Widemouth Bay Holiday Village" which means we will be allowed to use these facilities. It's being re-furbished as we speak and will be ready in a week or so.
The facilities: Indoor swimming pool, Bar, Meals and snacks from noon to 9pm, Shop, Little kiddies play area, Park for the older kids, Pitch and Put, Tennis court(s) and fantastic views

PAYMENT UPDATE The payment will be required in by the end of August at the latest. Payments will be made directly to the Campsite and You must state that it is with the "VW T4/T5 FORUM" as this will tell them where you pitch is going to be. All the other normal details will need to be supplied, how many going, lecky and so forth. Could you also supply the camp with your forum name so i will have a quick reference with them. (Don't know everyone's names yet lol)

PLEASE CALL 01288 361351
to make a payment over the phone via card as this is his preferred way of doing things. any problems give me a shout T:

Please contact me by PM or post up when your paid up and i will change the name to red on the list below.

So who's coming then T: (names only please for suggestions and chit chat clicky here)

The List: 27 Members Booked in

Woodcraft (Devon)
General Lee (North Devon)
Flynny (Holsworthy, Devon)
T4chippy (Zummerzet)
Mr Pete (barnstaple, devon)
1dub (UK)
russharm (worcester)
VANNER (Dawlish)
bully boy (Bristol)

lone star (Exeter)

Creeriver (Cornwall)
freespit (Dorset)

RobbieH (Thatcham)
motophil (Bath)
mickey boy (Exeter)
jimbo1 (exmouth)
psycho (Paignton)

Edbluejuice (
Linneyloo (devon)
Debdub and Tanz888 (Cornwall)
Silverfox (North Devon)
Team Monkey (Cheltenham)
Deanbombboy (Plymouth)

T4 TIM (Swindon)
compoboy (Plymouth)

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Re: Bude Weekender

Just stick yer names down fella's and I'll update the main page so everyone knows who's going without trawling through all the pages.

Nice one Lee

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Re: >>>>Bude Weekender 17,18,19 Sept<<<<

Ah goo wan.

Put me down.

Maude (out the toilet now Rasp:).

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Re: >>>>Bude Weekender 17,18,19 Sept<<<<

Thanks Matt, See yours is going okay too T:

Off to Bristol tomorrow, will have a catch up when i get back :D
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