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Hey guys!

I bought a T5 SWB T28 59plate ( prefacelift ) about 6mths ago...
I've wanted a dub for sooo long :) she's done a few miles..140k but runs real nice and besides a few tiny dings n scuffs looks a treat too :)
I've not long had my sliding door and front Q windows fitted by VanDoc in Redditch...can't recommend them enough! Real nice friendly bunch!

Time to concentrate on the overall look now...

I've got the grey textured plastic bumpers on mine, good nick too!

I've thought of getting them painted to match the body (off white R902 i think)?? But read horror stories of flaking paint and chipping off...so not to sure about that option yet... I know 90% of a good paint job is in the prep so in this day and age there must be a decent product made to fit the job...thats option 1

Option 2 is an aftermarket bumper kit or replacement to update the front end

Caravelle look is nice, sportline really nice! :)
I've looked at 'bodykits' and to be honest don't really like any! Its a van end of the day and as cool as they are...I don't want it to look like a Chavmobile ( word of the day :) ) with big scoops and guff!lol

Option 3 is the T5 to T5.1 conversion...real basic ££ up equals £1500 (parts n paint) or so...i can think of better places to spend that type of cash and unless i add on the sportline or eqv looking extras itl just look like a facelift 'std van' with body colour bumpers if that makes sense??

What I'm after from you lovely picture posting people is this... :)

Prefacelift T5's
Standard plastic grey bumpers you've had painted to body colour..
Mods...splitters and those type things...
Aftermarket bumpers..
Caravelle and Sportline bumpers on prefacelift's

I know it won't be a simple 'swap either' ...so parts lists with part numbers for what you've posted would help no end :)

Hopefully ill be saying thank you to lots of you for ideas!!
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