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For those of you wanting to remove the bulkhead / bulkhead frame and trim. This is how you can do it.
The bulkhead itself is held in place with nuts and can easily be removed without any need to remove trim or the need for special tools. The frame however needs a little more work but with the right tools it can be done in 45 mins.

Firstly, gently lift the plastic flap on the top seatbelt holder and you will see a 10mm spline that needs to be removed.

The trim is best removed using plastic trim tools available from eBay. Gently pry off the 4 clips holding the top section of trim in place.
From here you can unbolt the top section of bulkhead frame.
Gently pry off the bottom plastic trim being careful not to break the clips or worse the plastic trim. I think there are 5 clips on the bottom section.

The bulkhead frame is held in place with both 'Spot' welds down the sides and 'Slug' welds along the bottom.
Using a spot weld cutter, the welds on the sides can easily be removed and if you take the seats out (Additional 5 mins) it gives you much more room to do this.

The slug welds along the bottom can be cut using a thin blade. My welds needed a touch both sides of the frame so having the seats out made this much easier and make sure you cover everting you dont want sparks to damage.
I went all out and covered everything and also used boards to control the sparks.

Once the bracket was out i just gently touch the spots and slugs to remove sharp edges. I wasn't too worried over them being super flat as i am going to cover them.

Finally remember to cover the exposed metal with a product of your choice to prevent rust.
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