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Hi all. I'm sure there are other posts about bulkhead frames (macuk has an exceptional build thread). However, I just wanted to add my bit...

I have today removed my bulkhead frames, hard work but satisfying now it's done.
Some advice for any other members planning on doing this:
Don't bother trying to drill the spot welds, technically I think they're puddle welds - use a grinder with a propper metal disc. I got a cheap B&Q own brand one and its fine.
Grind the puddle welds to virtually the depth of the metal (approx 1mm), then use an old chisel to cut from behind the bulkhead frames the remaining metal, which when ground will be only about 0.1 to 0.2mm thick.
For the longer welds (stitch welds of about 20 to 30mm) use the grinder again to remove as much weld as possible, then chisel what remains.

Once they're off, just use the grinder to tidy up what remains of the weld. Then, use some suitable paint to cover and protect the exposed metal.

Before you start... get the seats removed, which needs the mounting bolts removing and electrical plugs unplugging. Also, use masking tape and rigid card or ply boards to cover anything else (dashboard and seatbelt holes for example).
You will need to take off the side trims behind the seatbelts. This needs an M10 12 point spline bit. I tried all over Leicester for one, but had no luck... I got one off ebay for about £2 delivered in the end.

I know us DIYers don't bother with safety kit sometimes, but get some gloves and earplugs, and definitely some goggles as there'll be hot metal flying all over!

The picture is very satisfying... the bulkhead frames heading to the bin! Hooray!

(Note to VW... don't weld in these frames! Just bolt them in like the upper bulkhead ones!)

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