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Just a collection of the pictures I've took throughout the weekend馃
Vehicle registration plate Sky Car Vehicle Tire

Our set up for the weekend
Sky Cloud Car Vehicle Land vehicle

Rain rolling in on the Friday afternoon.
Vehicle Sky Plant community Plant Wheel
Sky Cloud Vehicle Car Motor vehicle

A couple vans parked up by us.
Sky Car Cloud Vehicle registration plate Vehicle

Talk about being green馃實

Musical instrument Musician Blue Light String instrument
Musical instrument Purple Concert Public address system Guitar
Musical instrument Guitar Green String instrument Purple

Friday nights entertainment, bloody brilliant. Band called Koo Ka Choo and did 70s and 80s music, KISS inspired but only sung one song of theirs.

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Awesome pics I walked round zipping in and out of traders and forgot till end to take pics 馃槀 I can screen shot yours now and steal your thunder 馃槀馃槀馃槀

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Gutted I didn鈥檛 camp daughter had school till 3.30 pm Friday and I鈥檓 back at work tomorrow so could only do the day but then this morning at 6am changed her mind and didn鈥檛 come anyhow 馃槨馃し鈥嶁檪锔

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Was an amazing weekend, thought I dedicate a thread to all the photos.
Vans were insane.
Music was incredible.
And the atmosphere was perfect for our first big festival in the van!
It was a great show very busy and didn't spend too much ? well not traceable (to the wife) Saturdays day visitors car park not as full as pre covid but still some great vans there
Cloud Sky Plant Ecoregion Land lot
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