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Looking around for a decent T5 around 2005 - 2009 for conversion, but as a newbie is there anything I need to avoid that would compromise the end result. I presume any fixed bulkhead could be easily removed - or is it more involved than that?
Also, are there any blockers to converting a Kombi - or would I just end up paying over the odds in the first place only to rip out un-needed seats and linings ? It seems there's often a better spec of goodies already fitted that would be nice to have when buying a Kombi (colour other than white, pre-fitted windows, cruise control etc), but a bit confused by all the options.

Finally the age old question of engines - I assume a 130hp 2.5 would be loads better than the 102hp (1.9?), or does it make much difference when the things fully fitted out?
Thanks for your adviceI:)
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