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Hi All.

CAA Engine 2.0 tdi 2012 T5 Transporter. Supposed to have done 66k - i doubt this mucho

Issue - Red oil pressure warning light coming in between 2500 3000 rpm.

The problem started after replaceing a blown turbo. The engine came too a halt and i thought it was dead.
Anyway off to my mechanics it goes..
We replace the turbo and after a while the smoke has gone clean. all happy.

Now we have a fault we didnt have prior too the turbo - oil pressure warning light -
We have since changed the pressure switch and also the oil pump,

Obviously we changed the filter and oil - and yes we do have the correct oil -

We are also aware that this could have been the reason for the turbo failure but cannot find a fault.
at this moment we are now looking att all the connections electrical as we have 3 x light on the dash -
Cold start relay light is constantly flashing - engine manegment light in yellow - oil pressure light in red at 2500 - 3000 rpm and the oil pressure buzzer bing ..

Any knowlage of this issue and / or fix is mucho welcome as i have spent hours trying to find any answer to find not much out there regarding this issue on this model...

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You need to get to grips with the electrical issues and measure the oil pressure directly from the switch location before you can say whats going on.

A wear metal analysis on the oil may also help.
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