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VW T4 2.4 Diesel 1990
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We have had a VW T4 for around five years and we live in Brittany, France. We love Touring around Brittany and Europe with our slow old beast of a campervan. I recently replaced the alternator and since doing so, the van keeps eating fanbelts……

Has anyone else had this sort of frustrating problem and if so what did you do to resolve it. An example is today, having changed the fan belt for a new belt by Gates Hydraulics, we drove without incident to the coast except we noticed that the output voltage on the overhead display was quite low to start with, which I put down to the van having been stood for a while and perhaps dirt in the alternator. On the way home, the fan belt started squealing when going up through the gears and when the engine was under load going uphill and then broke around fifteen miles from home, so we limped home without a fan belt.

Is the alternator I have put on too big and putting too much strain on the belt to deliver power. Does anyone else out there have any similar experience and more importantly do you have any potential solutions or suggestion?

Grateful for any help as we want to keep our van, but we need to be able to rely on it getting us there and back without dumping its fan belt…..

Thanks for any help you can offer…..
California Brittany
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