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VW T4 2.4 Diesel 1990
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We have had our lovely old Westfalia California T4 for about five years and love to explore Brittany and Europe and have made two road trips to Portugal. I used to own an original split screen T1 with a 6 volt system many years ago but when I lent it to my brother, it ended up getting towed and scrapped while I was out of the country…..

The T4 is ultra modern in comparison with the original T1 and the flexibility of the T4 makes it a wonderful vehicle to explore places where other larger camper vans are not permitted. The acceleration rate of 0 - 60 in about 3.7 weeks doesn’t leave you breathless, but you do have plenty of time to get a peek at your surroundings as you drive. We came up with the name “Ermintrude Diesel” for our T4; Those of us old enough to remember “The Magic Roundabout” will remember the slow old cow who was a regular on the programme 😂

We will look forward to picking the Member’s collective brains when we come across the characteristic glitches with our T4. Until then, we wish you all happy touring and travels.
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