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After lots and lots of thought we have decided to buy a California SE to replace our T5 which we have been calling our California-ish.

The California bits that I have fitted over the last 6 months have given us the California bug and after a fantastic road trip with Polly and our baby daughter Ismay down to Spain in September the California interior kitchen set, new passenger swivel seat and our Cali bike rack made a very comfortable 16 night trip. the best bit being the top loading fridge keeping the beers ice cold and the ice cream frozen with outside temps of 30 degrees plus in Spain.

Whilst we are clearly going to be over the moon with our 180 grey Cali, I cannot quite help thinking that the DIY Built Not Bought factor of our lovely T5 may be missing from the Cali but time will tell. I have modification plans for the Cali to give it my personalised touch and I will continue to browse this great forum for inspiration if you will have me.

May I take this opportunity to thank all those who have helped me directly over the past 3 or 4 years and I hope I have helped and contributed as well in some way. The information on here has been so valuable.

Finally, I am 39 now and have been into VW beetles and buses since I was 15, I still have my 1962 bug in the garage, which I bought when I was 15 and took my driving test in. None of this would of been possible without the help that my dad gave me over the years, I learnt so much from him and would never of been able to do such a DIY T5 conversion without all the skills I learnt from him throughout my life. Dad sadly passed away very suddenly in July and he helped me with the California-ish conversion along the way and I know he is looking down on our new Cali with a smile on his face.

Thanks again everyone it's been a very enjoyable project.


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