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I had the camber and tracking done on the van early last year and the tyres went from wearing on the inside at the back to wearing on the outside.

The fronts went from wearing on the inside, to more even wear, but recently I noticed that the inside corner has worn massively - not to the beads, but much more. This looks to be more consistant with the wheels being ok for a while and then something changing the camber.

Could hitting potholes/bumps knowck the camber adjustment out or could something have broken to cause this? Will be getting it in for fixing and am upgrading the springs to either -50HDs or -60HDs from T4srus or CMC before getting the back readjusted.

Front is the main concern as a friend said the camber looked quite a lot when I drove passed him the other day. I would say from a driver point of view, the tracking/camber feels slightly out - it pulls slightly to the left, and the turn seems a bit too quick sometimes on the cornering.

Any help appreciated

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