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Hi all

I've got a Variotech 333 sliding base in the back of my LWB T5, link to pic below. The seat itself is a basic bench and basic back which folds flat to form a R&R bed. As for the seatbelts. there's two, with the receiving end of the seat belts attached to the seat and the belts themselves are on pillars near the front of the van, meaning you can only use the rear seat if it's in its forward-most position. I've a couple of questions, would be grateful if anyone's got any knowledge/experience to answer:

1 - Is it possible to replace the bench seats with something a bit comfier, with a bit more shape about it, without having to replace the sliding base? Just looking to keep cost down!

2 - are there seats available now which wouldn't require the pillar seat belts, that have got the entire belt mechanism built into the sliding part of the seat?


http://i997.photobucket.com/albums/af95/RichP123/VW T5/25_l.jpg
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