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Afternoon guys I just thought id share my terrible experience with the Car Audio Centre with you all!

I ordered an inphase DVD screen from the car audio centre. When i received it the mounting plate was rusty and all the plastic trim was peeling away so i rang them to arrange a return.
The return was authorised and i sent it back, insured at a considerable cost to myself.
I waited 2 weeks and hadnt received a refund as requested so i rang them and sent them emails asking when i was going to get my money back.
All my emails were ignored and whenever i phoned them they kept saying they would ring me back but no one ever did.

In the end i had to go through Visa and dispute the transaction with them in order to get my money back.
It took over 3 months of too and fro letters sending evidence to Visa for me me to get my money back and the car audio centre didnt want to know.
Not to mention the "sale" they have on their website has been going on for the past 8 months.

Id advise anyone interested in buying stuff from here to think again their aftersales service is appalling, once they get your money off you they couldnt care less.
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