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I've got a complete set of Caravelle interior panels AND window plastics available.

They're for a barndoor model so the rear lower cards have the cut outs and plastic covers for the barndoor hinges. If you have a tailgate I have a picture of the cut out you need to make which is an easy job (however no tailgate interior panel).

The panels are grey plastic vinyl finish.

However the sliding door panel is from a higher spec van and is blue with carpet/fabric trim panel so would need either painting or retrimming, however as these panels are tricky to get hold of I bought what was available and it's not in best condition but will fit ok.

It's got all the plastics to go around the windows INCLUDING the B-post trim and bit for the sliding door runners (Styleline do a kit for that bit alone at £150). It's also got the bit to go above the barn doors and support the rear of the headlining.

Included are the plastic covers for the barn door roller guides, vent covers, ashtrays, rear speaker grills etc. Think we're missing one cover from the rear jack point as pictured (pics to follow). Also included are the metal fixing clips for the window plastic and 4 black coat hooks.

Pretty rare to find a complete set and the window plastics alone often go for £200+ on ebay.

Condition is fair to good. There are one or two small cracks in the plastics (not serious and doesn't affect their successful fit in my van). Lower panels have usual scuffs/marks etc. See pics to follow for greater detail.

Accept £250 (no offers, they'll go for more on ebay even with their fee's) for collection and payment in cash. Or delivery to Jimbo's T4fest at Beaulieu (but you need to take them on first night as I'll have nowhere to sleep otherwise!) with a holding deposit.

Can do Tiverton (Devon) or Bridgwater (Somerset) locations for collection.

Not willing to post as they're BIG.
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