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02 plate 88hp AJT, basic trim level (no air con)

Never been able to get the blowers in the back (heater in floor or fresh air in roof) to work. The fans are ok, as is all the wiring to them and the control panel on the door pillar etc.

I have identified the relays which control the system located in the fuse box and in the centre of the dash - these are not clicking in when the ignition is switched on, although the relays have been tested and are working correctly. So there seems to be no power feed to the relay coil circuits. If the relays are manually held closed the fans run.

Other threads make reference to a separate switch on the dash to operate the rear heating system but mine does not appear to have this - only the standard heater controls and air-recirc button on the centre dash and the rear controls on the door panel.

Has anybody else got a seperate switch on the front dash which controls the rear heating system?

I'm running out of ideas about where to go next with this.

Anybody got a wiring diagram for an 02 Caravelle?

Help please!
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